Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Why lokvidya ?

The idea of lokavidya is a result of long struggles by a large number of people, over more than 15-20 years, through their engagement with people's movements.
The organisations one can specifically name are PPST Foundation, Mazdoor Kisan Niti Group, and Nari Hastkala Udyog Samiti, which engaged with questions of knowledge, from an emancipatory out look, and which developed processes, like Congresses of Traditional Sciences and Technologies of India, the unity of peasants, artisans , women, and adivasis as swadeshi samaj, the carrier of new light for a new world, and Nari vidya as the ultimate basis, for women to find their feet in this world, and a possible new one.
Lokavidya belongs to ordinary life.
This is life without condition, and therefore, it is not possible to privatise lokavidya, not even by the mightiest of the empires.